Why your brand needs a Vector logo?

July 22, 2019
July 22, 2019 calypso design

Why your brand needs a Vector logo?

Why your brand needs a Vector logo? Managing your brand’s logo assets can be confusing because of the variety of file formats.

Knowing whether a .jpg, a .pdf or an .ai is the best option for your project may be a gamble unless you know the differences.

There are differences between vector (.ai, .eps, .pdf) and raster (.jpg, .png, .gif) files that will have an impact on how well your brand reproduces.

Raster vs. Vector images – what’s the difference?

A raster file is what it is. It can be scaled down and work just fine. But its actual size will limit what you can do with it. In other words, it can’t be scaled up.

A raster image is an image made up of a series of pixels. It’s a finite number of little-colored boxes that make up the image.

When that image is stretched beyond its normal size the pixel images stretch with it blurring the image.

Why would you want to use vector graphics, then, when raster seems to be more common? It all boils down to their main difference – pixels vs. points – that dictate why vector is superior for logos.

A vector’s main advantage over its raster counterparts is its infinite scalability; vector logos can be scaled indefinitely to fit large print designs or scaled down to fit smaller formats.

Now that you know the difference between raster vs vector, it’s time to talk about why you should have vector logo.

Vectors save the day when you need your logo to fit both a business card and a large display poster or billboard.

For example:

vector vs raster logo

*Notice the quality of the Vector format is maintained as it’s magnified, whereas the Raster format looks really awful?

Why would you want to work with a designer who does not create logos in vector format? The answer is you don’t.

If you need help getting a logo or don’t have a vector version of your logo I am happy to send you in the right direction!

Often companies happen to have some system wreck where flies get lost or simply they lose their source file to their logo.

If you don’t have a vector logo file, Calypso Design can help! Our in-house designers can recreate your logo as a vector graphic for future use.

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