Video Marketing is The Future Of Content Marketing

November 8, 2018
November 8, 2018 calypso design

Video Marketing is The Future Of Content Marketing

Why use video marketing?

Video marketing are the future of Content Marketing and for this reason, if you want to stay competitive, you should just start practicing your Video Marketing skills.

Video helps building virtual client-vendor pre-relationship in the simplest way. Because video is still a one-way talk, a monologue if I can call it so, it becomes an extremely powerful tool to be leveraged.

How did video become such a force within just a few years? The short answer is YouTube, which is also part of the Google Display Network. In a single decade, YouTube has stretched the possibilities and boundaries of video, creating a whole new role for the medium in today’s culture.

In the last 10 years, the digital landscape has changed significantly. People are phasing out desktop and laptop computers to search the web and interact with content.

Instead, they are picking up their mobile phones and tablets. What’s more, digital technology is cheaper today than it’s ever been before; there are virtually no boundaries on how, when and where people can interact with content.

Benefits of video marketing

Video is useful on all devices.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. And there is a reason why the old English saying has been modified to reflect the reality of today’s digital world.

Brand Name Recognition and Recall

Video speaks volumes more than written word and pictures. Through video, you have a powerful tool that allows your name to be heard and remembered by customers.

Video marketing can boost your site’s SEO.

By adding video to your landing pages, website and content offers, it’s easy to improve your company’s SEO value and improve your click-through rates across the board.

Multi-Platform Content

Because of its broad compatibility, your video content marketing materials can be used in many ways and across several platforms.

Video easily becomes viral

We know that when we see some interesting videos, we love to share it on social networks or with our friends. That’s why video content is a powerful tool for brands that want to expand their reach.

Successful Video Marketing

What is important is that in the 21st century of digital content video has become a modern type of word-of mouth marketing which as some of the researchers believe may be among the most effective of marketing communication strategies.

In today’s gadget-friendly world, word-of-mouth advertising – personal recommendations from your industry peers – influence most of purchasing decisions.

  • Short, two-minute-long videos get the most engagement
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Engage with viewers
  • Choose the music background of your brand videos
  • Always consider the audience you are trying to reach and ensure the video is relevant to them
  • Upload videos directly to Facebook, Native videos get a ten times higher reach.

Videos have already proved to benefit brands

Statistically speaking, video marketing is arguably the most popular advertising medium used today. Currently, 87 percent of online marketers use video content in their marketing strategies.

As human beings, people are more prone to interact with visual information than text on a page. Video content is quickly emerging and the stats show that it is becoming one of the best marketing mediums out there.

Video Is The Ultimate Tool For Easily Digestible Content, Helping Customers View A Brand With A More Positive Light As They Find It More Transparent Than That Of Written Content.

Today, one of the biggest trends driving the digital marketing world is responsive design. When a company’s content doesn’t perform well on a given device or browser system, the business behind it loses traffic and suffers decreased conversions as a result.

Fortunately, video content is fit for consumption on all devices, ranging from computers to mobile phones. This expands video’s reach and makes it more user-friendly and consumer-focused.

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