Stand out in a crowd, with an outstanding website

April 19, 2020
April 19, 2020 calypso design

Stand out in a crowd, with an outstanding website

Stand out in a crowd, with an outstanding website today. Getting a new website for your business is cheaper than you might think. We have mobile – responsive website starting at just $ 750,. We know that as an entrepreneur you do not have an inexhaustible budget. So your website design should be affordable, which is why Calypso design agency build professional websites that fit within your budget.

Mobile Internet has become the norm and for those that understand how to take advantage of it, it allows for some great opportunities! Our modern responsive websites automatically adapt to the end user’s device.

What’s included?

  • A mobile responsive website with your own corporate identity, which gives you the look and feel that you want, whilst being search engine friendly (Google)
  • You have your choice of up to 5 webpages, for example: Home / About us / Services or Portfolio / News or Blog / Contact
  • Your website will be built in 1 language. Do you want the website in multiple languages? No problem! You can upgrade to a multilingual website for a very low fee per language.

How does it work?

  • The first step in building your new mobile website is to sit down with our web designers and outline your ideas and objectives for the website. During this conversation, we will also decide on your website’s key features and create a flowchart
  • You provide us with your digital logo / corporate identity and images*. Don’t have any of that yet? No problem! Our graphic designers are here to help!
  • You’ll send us a Word document with the final texts, in your primary language. We always design and build a website in 1 language first. No problem! Building a multilingual website is definitely one of the possibilities. For a small additional price you can upgrade to the desired number of additional languages.
  • The design concept for your website will be presented to you live. Textual and visual adjustments are discussed and implemented
  • Finalization; delivery and your new website will be launched online

Do you already have a website, but is it just not up to date with the latest technologies? No problem! We can upgrade your current website and make it mobile responsive and search engine friendly!

Search Engines

Why do people use a search engine like Google? Because they are looking for something specific! And so the most important functions for your website is to deliver relevant content to its visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that through the use of keywords, meta tags, etc. that are appropriate for your business, visitors can find your website. Our websites are optimally designed and built for readability and indexing by search engines.

If you’re on a website that takes forever to load and you can’t easily find your way, you’re not going stay long and you’ll probably never return. Right?

Well, we build fast loading and user friendly websites with an intuitive design, functional navigation, pictures and features that make visitors want to come back for more. What’s your superpower?

Are you ready for your successful website?


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