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MA-NO Car Repairs


    • Modern & responsive website design
    • Competitor research
    • Logo Design
    • Implementation of Payment options
    • UX/UI Design
    • T-shirt design

Creating a website for MA-NO Car Repairs. MA NO Car Repairs is a company that repairs vehicles damaged by hail, bumps and dents without painting. When creating the website, our main focus was on modern design and ease of use by users.

When creating websites, we use the latest technologies and standards in web design, and as a result, we create modern and functional ones for our clients.

As for the visual part, the websites are optimized for all today’s browsers, and are responsive and adapted to devices of all sizes, thus enabling an excellent user experience.

Each website has the possibility of multiple languages, which makes the website even more open to a wider Internet audience, regardless of where they access it from. When creating the website for MA NO Car Repairs, we also implemented the English language for users coming from outside Croatia.

We will help you customize the site’s website to your specific needs and design a strategy that will improve your business and profitability.

Creating websites is our daily routine, which we do with maximum expertise. In the times we live in, companies with professional and well-designed websites are always one step ahead of the competition.

Calypso Design provides you with affordable creation of web stores that will improve your business.

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