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Event T-shirt design


Red Rock off-road club


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Credit for photo of nature landscape used in presentation: Andrey Grinkevich, Cody Lannom and Jenna Brummond

Event t-shirt design for off-road club. Every year off-roaders from around the world have gathered in Moab, Utah during Easter Jeep Safari for the Dynatrac, Superlift, Falken Bunny Run. You can bet some major industry insiders will be on this run each year.

Despite the name, this is not a search for a mythical egg laying rabbit and his booty, but rather as Easter approaches the Bunny Run is an excuse to spend time playing off-road with friends, checking out awesome off-road rigs, and testing out new products.

EJS is an event that runs for nine days and off-roaders can hit any amount of the 38 trails. The trails range from beginner to extreme and every day has something special to offer.

Some trails in Moab offer tons of scenery, others offer tons of action, and some offer both. If you are new to Moab and the trails you can join the official runs put on by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers to learn more about the area. If you work in the off-road industry and you’ve never been, shame on you!

For the past 50 years, off-road enthusiasts have had a chance to explore off-road trails in and around Moab, Utah.

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