Clothing store Mountain Escapes


Clothing store Mountain Escapes


Mountain Escapes


    • Modern & responsive website design
    • Competitor research
    • Logo Design
    • Implementation of Payment options
    • UX/UI Design

Clothing store development for a Mountain Escapes T-Shirts & Mugs Brand. We had to draw attention to fashion enthusiasts and cover their needs, which can be a lengthy process. However, the main focus was on their behaviour since they basically spend 24 hours a week online.

That meant creating a completely new experience for the fashionistas by blending the best e-commerce design and development practices with a fail-proof marketing strategy.

Customizing the website according to the right audience is an essential move, so we carried out a target market analysis and a competitive assessment. The result was a detailed buyer persona who represents a large percentage of the customer audience.

Now that we knew exactly to whom the website was speaking to, we could focus on the sales funnel. We have created a series of steps – from tailored newsletters to inspiring social media posts – that guide visitors toward a buying decision.

However, a major cornerstone was considering the perspective of the buyer too.

For instance, the mobile website leads the customer directly to the promotional campaigns and focuses on a clean and simple view of the clothing categories.

On the other hand, the desktop version takes you through a journey centered around visual categories.

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