Branding for cannabis retail store


Branding for cannabis retail store


Wonder buds cannabis corporation


  • logo design
  • brand mark
  • stationary design
  • competitor research
  • social media pack
  • t-shirt design
  • brand guidelines


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


Credit for photo of nature landscape used in presentation: Krivec Ales

Branding for cannabis retail store Wonder buds. Wonder buds cannabis corporation is going to be a brand new government authorized legal cannabis retail store location across Canada.

Considering that fact, Calypso team started this Branding for cannabis retail store project with clean, sophisticated yet modern logo design that will be an iconic trademark.

Many of the cannabis logo firms look very familiar with each other, featuring cannabis leaf in green shades.

However, since most of the brands do look like that, we didn’t want that Wonder buds just get lost among all the others.

We still still used a leaf as part of brand icon and we made their logo look identifiable but unique.


Cannabis now has its own legitimate industry. State prohibitions have been falling like dominoes, making way for cannabis businesses  to reap huge profits in a fresh field.

While these pioneers know a lot about their product, seems like they often lack the marketing knowledge necessary to expand their customer base.

Calypso provide a roster of international clients with clarity, originality, desirability and consistency, helping them build stronger brands.

Our unique CoCreation methodology means our impact is quickly felt, whilst our original thinking, creativity and global insights.

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