Get a free SEO audit of your site

April 2, 2020 calypso design

Get a free SEO audit of your site

For a limited time only, we’re offering our expertise in a free SEO audit report. Get a detailed website analysis and uncover your SEO pinch points.

What is the Free SEO Audit?

Our Free SEO Audit has been designed to analyse a specific landing page on your website, to see how it is performing. If you are struggling with organic traffic or getting more valuable visits to your website, the solution might just lie in this Free SEO Audit.

How do I use the Free SEO Audit tool?

Just pick a webpage on your site that you would like to analyse – most people choose the homepage. Then select a search query that want to analyse the page for.

Our app will then conduct hundreds of detailed checks across search optimisation factors, and present them back to you in an easy to use report.

What will I get?

By taking the Free SEO Audit you will receive a free PDF report over 15 pages long. You will receive an overall score out of 100 which rates how well the page is performing for the search query.

Your report will then broken down across 14 categories, giving a detailed score within each category. We’ll look at things like key domain characteristics, content analysis, page speed, url structure, image analyis and technical factors.

Under each section you will be able to see the detailed SEO audit checks that have taken place, and where the key issues lie that could be affecting your SEO. These metrics will help you understand how well or badly your website is performing, and the areas in particular that you need to target.

How long does the Free SEO Audit take?

Based on demand and complexity, the report can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to be produced. You’ll receive an email the minute it is ready, and the report will be attached to this. Please check your spam folder if you have still not received your audit after this time.

Is it really free?

Yes, the Free SEO Audit is completely free. Just fill in the form at this page to get your audit report.

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