Download our free E-Book Top 20 ranking factors 2020

April 21, 2020 calypso design

Download our free E-Book Top 20 ranking factors 2020

Download our free E-Book Top 20 ranking factors 2020. You’ve all heard it, the 200+ SEO ranking factor number that floats around in blogs, videos, and ‘how-to’ eBooks. And while we’re not disputing that Google’s algorithm is highly sophisticated (and complicated), we also think it’s important to let you know that not all 200+ of their SEO ranking factors are heavily weighted.

But if there are so many factors, what should you be focusing on? And how can you wade through all the weak SEO ranking factors and focus on the heavy ones?

We’ve gotten these questions from clients before, which is why we are offering a FREE E-BOOK  series on important ranking factors and what you can do on and off your page to help boost your SEO efforts!

It is a free SEO training guide that touches on some of the most important challenges that face professional SEO today.

Our free book has lots of recommendations direct from Google spokespeople and includes links to important research, news, important Google Webmaster Guidelines and Quality Rating Criteria Google use to rank web pages.

There are no black hat SEO practices in this ebook. The book focuses on white hat SEO (tactics that focus on building high-quality websites that comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines).

Download our free E-Book Top 20 ranking factors 2020

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