Client Question: What is tone of voice?

November 10, 2018 calypso design

Client Question: What is tone of voice?

Client Question: What is tone of voice? In brand and marketing terms, it is the collective way we communicate with others.

 (TOV) covers both the spoken and the written word. It relates to the content a company produces for face-to-face, online and offline. Content such as podcasts, presentations, videos and storyboards.

Simply Put, Tone Of Voice Is Not What You Say, But Rather, How You Say It. It Expresses Not Only Your Brand Personality, But Your Values As Well. Voice Is A Mission Statement. Tone Is The Application Of That Mission.

Why tone of voice is important to brands?

It shows empathy and builds an emotional connection

Emotion is what consumers will remember long after they engage with your brand. The right tone of voice can make a customer feel understood, appreciated and respected.

It builds trust and drives business

A consistent tone of voice paints a better picture of your brand in a consumer’s mind  your values, positioning and attributes.

It improves the user journey

From banners to websites, events and advertising campaigns, the more authentic your messages are, the longer consumers will engage with them.

Give Your Brand a Voice That Can Be Heard

By defining the  completely branding your product, you will add the value to it and that will ultimately enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Delivery and tone have a huge impact upon the way in which we digest information.

When Your Tone Of Voice Is Consistent Across All Internal And External Written Communication, You Build A Track- Record Of Repeatedly Delivering The Same Experience To Your Audience.

This leads to a feeling of trust on your audience’s part.  When they see your brand, they know what experience to expect.

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