Beyond the logo: Integrating your brand into all aspects of your business

May 13, 2020
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May 13, 2020 calypso design

Beyond the logo: Integrating your brand into all aspects of your business

What we mean by ‘brand’?

Firstly, let’s establish what we mean by ‘brand’. The brand of a company or business may hold different meanings to different people. A brand encapsulates everything that a business is, it should be inextricably linked within all of a business’s processes and offerings.

Good Logo Design

As we have mentioned, your brand does not solely rely on your logo. Although this is true, it should not take away from the significance of good logo design and implementation.

When someone sees your logo they should recall what they have heard about your business and what principals they associate your business with.


Assuming you have a well-established visual identity and strong logo design, your first step towards integration should be putting your logo wherever you can.

Now, don’t go overdoing this, because that will actually hurt your visual identity. You should choose places like letterheads, document templates and email signatures as places where your brand can be integrated effectively.

Choosing places like these for your logo highlights communication as an important aspect of your company’s brand.

In saying this, the way you communicate should be equally as reflective of your company’s ideals.

When you mix good communication with effective logo implementation, you encourage positive connotations to be made between your logo and overall brand.

In this age of instantaneity, people are quick to make first impressions. This is especially significant in terms of online branding.

In many cases, the first thing consumers will do before directly engaging with your business is to take a look at your website.

It is very important not only to have a website (if you don’t you should probably start there) but to also consolidate your brand within all aspects of your website.

Simply put, your brand is like the personality of your business. This is why it is important to build and maintain an image from the ground up.

Verbal communication.

This is a simple one but is ultimately essential to the integrity of your visual identity. Whilst technology is swiftly eliminating much of the need for verbal customer interaction, it is still something that should be flawless.

This means phone calls, sales calls, presentations, general meetings etc, should be conducted at a high standard. Nailing this aspect of your customer relations not only instils feelings of trust and confidence within your clientele but also reinforces your brand values.

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