A small business website needs to have 5 key elements in order to be successful

July 22, 2019
July 22, 2019 calypso design

A small business website needs to have 5 key elements in order to be successful

Having a website isn’t enough: A small business website needs to have 5 key elements in order to be successful. Here at Calypso Design we love working with other small businesses and helping them achieve their business goals.

The major factor in achieving these goals is not simply having any old website, it is by having a website that converts leads to actual customers/clients.

While having a website that receives traffic is wonderful and important, once the user and potential customer lands on the website, it needs to engage, inform, and convert that user into a customer.

Who is your target market and audience? What services do you offer that make you unique? What business goals are you trying to achieve with your website?

Your website’s home page is the first impression you give the online world about your business: It should clearly communicate your business’s brand image through appealing visuals

Those are some of the many questions we have for our website clients because we want to not only give them a beautiful website, but a website that helps achieve their goals and continues to grow with their business.

A website is your first impression in today’s world and needs full-time attention. So many clients struggle with trying to build their own site, using bundle services that offer little to no customization or growth elements for the future and they get frustrated because the site does not match their business identity or deliver on converting leads to real customers.

We often hear that the amount of time and frustration it took for business owners to members of their team who had no experience in design to build and maintain this lackluster presence online was insane. They look back and wish they had hired and invested in a website agency in the first place.

We like to think of it this way: Let us do our job, so you can do yours! Leave the development, design, SEO and maintenance to us so you can focus on what you’re great at and we promote it!

Here are some the key elements and strategies we use to help businesses have a high converting website:

Page Navigation: Your website needs to be easily navigated by a wide variety of users. No cluttered menus or text here- easy and clean navigation is vital or else people will get confused and leave your site just as fast as they entered it.

Social Engagement: No we aren’t just talking about social media, although that is a part of it. We are talking about client testimonials, reviews. Local directory listings and reviews. Anything social that helps establish trust right away with potential new customers is key.

Content: The content of your website is crucial. Once again, content remains king. The text on your website needs to be engaging and informative. Concise, clear and relevant to who you are and what you do.

Visuals to Support Content: This means photography, animation, video- anything media related on your website that attracts and engages users. This content needs to clearly match up and be consistent with the copy. The visuals need to make sense or else they are a complete waste.

Calls to Action: Make it clear without clutter- how users can contact you or learn more about you. Offer calls to action on each page that stand out- many people just want to get to the point and contact you or reach out. Let them.

Contact us today to take the next step in making your business the best it can be! Let us do our job, so you can do your!


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