4 Signs That Say it’s Time to Refresh Your Brand

October 7, 2018
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October 7, 2018 calypso design

4 Signs That Say it’s Time to Refresh Your Brand

4 Signs That Say it’s Time to Refresh Your Brand. While your old branding may have worked when it was created, it’s important that your branding draws in the audience that you want to capture now, and that it represents your business’ values. So, how do you know when it’s finally time to pick up the phone and call a branding agency? And how do you know what to change? Don’t worry, Calypso team got that covered.

Signs That Say it’s Time to Refresh Your Branding can be:

When You’re embarrassed to hand out your business card or website address

Most obvious sign that your online presence and corporate identity needs refreshing is If you feel like your website should come with a disclaimer about needing to be updated or for example when you cringe when you reach for your business card.

Truth Is That You Should Feel Proud Of Your Brand. If Your Brand Makes You Embarrassed When Speaking To Others About It It’s Time For A Refreshing.

When Your branding is inconsistent.

If you’re using one logo for your website and another on your social media profiles, or for example your logo colors don’t match your website it’s seriously time to consolidate. Inconsistent branding can confuse your audience. Aligning both digital and print marketing strategies is essential to brand visibility and the customer experience. Through your refresh, you can ensure your brand’s values and mission are clearly defined and cohesive throughout all your marketing efforts.

When Your branding is outdated.

Let’s face it: some things just don’t age as well as wine and your branding can be one of those things. Think of refreshing your brand as getting a new haircut. You are not changing the core, but sprucing up a few things on the outside. Making subtle changes to your brand tells your clients and prospects that you are making improvements to your business while maintaining the same core principles they have come to expect.

When Your products or services have changed.

Is your branding an accurate reflection of who you are and what you offer today? If you’ve made some major changes to your business operations, you need to make sure your branding mirrors those changes. Main goal of any business or organization is growth, and often that means expanding your services, or your audience. If you’re only presenting a narrow view of your offerings, you could be unknowingly turning away potential customers, and partners.

our Website And Your Company Brand Need To Evolve As Your Business And Clients Do. Having A Brand That Is Reflective Of Your Growth Is A Key Way To Positively Stand Out And Be Seen By Potential Clients Or Customers. A Brand Refresh Can Be The Next Step In Reaching Your Goal Of Building A Powerful Brand.

Contact Us And Let Us Refresh Your Brand And Help You Realize Your Goals.

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